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From the owner of Duradek Seattle:

Thank you for considering Duradek Seattle. Here's a few more facts about our qualifications.

I have been actively involved in the waterproofing industry since 1962 and have been a journeyman carpenter since 1968. I have the skills and the experience to handle your project. I personally manage and work on every project.

Our installation ensures that all Duradek product warranties are valid and enforceable.

We can also handle structural repairs to your deck or balcony to ensure maximum product longevity and single source accountability.

We can work around tenants, renters, and family members, providing outstanding customer service and a safe workplace.

Duradek Seattle has its origins in 1994. I have over 20 years of Duradek installation experience in the Greater Seattle area.

I look forward to personally meeting with you to discuss your needs.

Ron Stewart

We'd love to help you with your next project.

Contact Duradek Seattle:
Phone: 206.948.6313
Fax: 425.413.8910