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Duradek is a pre-manufactured, multi-layered, fabric reinforced vinyl sheet. This gives it multi-directional strength and allows it to move with the subsurface without cracking, bulging, or blistering.

Duradek was the very first to market a vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks, balconies, and patios. Its durability is legendary. Its strength is unparalleled.

1 -- Textured PVC layer with UV blockers and mildew inhibitors.
2 -- Second layer of fire retardant PVC.
3 -- Flexible fabric backing.
4 -- Duradek aggressive adhesive.
5 -- Existing substrate of deck or floor.


• Permanent waterproof protection of your deck.

• Reinforced for multi-direction strength, stability and slip-resistance.

• Exceptional UV, mildew and fire inhibitors built into the product.

• Will not crack, peel, chip, or delaminate.

• Tests show that Duradek's vinyl is even less slippery when wet!


Duradek has gained wide acceptance in the construction industry as the ultimate in maintenance-free outdoor flooring.

Duradek's factory-engineered products and professional installation techniques have set new standards for waterproofing that works.

Millions of square feet of Duradek have been installed all over North America.


• Duradek can be applied over almost any flat surface, new or old, in virtually any weather.

• Duradek lasts years longer than paints, stains, and other liquid coating systems.

• Duradek outperforms synthetic lumber decking products such as Trex and other composites.

• Duradek waterproofs the structure thereby protecting underlying lumber from rotting.

• Duradek is 100% waterproof thereby improving the usability of areas beneath it.

• Duradek is virtually maintenance free.

• Duradek comes in may stylish colors, patterns, and textures.

• Duradek goes down quickly and is immediately usable.

• Duradek maintains and enhances the value of your investment in your home or property.

• Duradek has a proven track record for withstanding heavy commercial foot traffic making it highly desirable for residential use.

• Duradek provides an industry-leading 10 year warranty.

• Duradek handles very hot and very cold conditions and can handle any weather conditions in Washington state.